Personal Coaching

One on one coachingOne on One – Personal Development  & Goal Setting 

Being passionate about developing people to realize their full potential, Carole is able to work with you on a one on basis, in person at her Rotorua office or alternatively you can book a virtual appointment with her.

Carole is a highly qualified and experienced  trainer. She has undertaken training with Jack Canfield in the Success Principles and uses these to discover an  individual’s strong points and where they could improve to realise their potential. Carole can help you realise your strengths and hone your skills to be your own success.

Dependent on what your goals are and what you want to achieve, will depend on how long Carole works with you for.

  • Life coaching – personal goals such as travel dreams, relationships, wellness, education are all areas that can be focused on.
  • Career coaching – do you have work goals that you’d like to achieve and need some guidance on a pathway to get there?  Then let’s make a plan using the success principles on how to achieve what you want to.
  • Balanced approach  – we don’t try and tick 50 things off of your list at once
  • If you’re generally feeling a bit lost and need to gain some clarity on what you are passionate about, then this is a great place to start, your journey.

Think Things offers a number of options for Coaching. We encourage you to commit for a minimum of three months so you can see the progress that you’ve made over time.

Payment  & Booking Options:

The packages offered below are all available on a subscription basis or as a one off payment bookable directly on our site.

Alternatively  you are welcome to  book individual sessions as required which is $150.00 for an hour, this is bookable directly here.

Subscription Basis You pay an initial set up fee of $250.00 then $120 per month for the remainder of the time in your package. You can then book your appointments online as you require.

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Personal Coaching Packages


3 Month Plan

The Plan Setter

A program designed to teach you the core Principles of Success. I work with you to design a personalised plan and work towards your goals.  



6 month plan

The Goal Getter 

Coaching and Development Plan is a 6 month program designed for the serious goal getter.  I help you  stay focused.




12 month plan

Platinum Personal Coaching and Development 

This is a 12 month program designed for those serious about achieving multiple goals over the year.   Overcoming obstacles is a key part of your journey.